Hardcore/Death Metal Band Review


Band picture as found after gooogle.com image search “Molotov Solution.”


“The Myth of Human Progress” by Molotov Solution on the 2011’s Resurrection [BlkHeart Group] burst onto my Spotify music player.  The hardcore, melodic riffs, and Zakk Wylde fills melted my JBL Wireless speaker I just purchased a few months ago.  Well, it didn’t melt the speaker, but it may have well took that magnetic tuning of each coiled guitar string’s spring action as the metal coil ring of heat and melted my face.  This is, after all, what some categorize as “face-melting” heavy.  Or was that “in your face?”  Well, to me, it’s face-melting.

In sampling more music, I hear as they progressively change-up music styles the same the low riff-ringing pauses that Korn’s Head was famous for.  It has a great effect on just how low I hang my head each downward-motion during head banging (away from the computer, at least).

I’m glad I accidentally created a new playlist from my metal collection and this came up.  Normally I would have changed it right away but something told me to wait.

The changeable-tempo music revs me up like early Devildriver, prior to 2011’s Beast, and vocals remind me of a Jamey Jasta of Hatebreed finally setting things on fire (no, not Donnie Wahlberg boy band manner, though he is the man now) – true metal and destruction terror.  The music is great technically – by great, the guitars and bass know when to mute their strings on the downward strokes without ringing, simultaneously.  Bridges come melodically by a low-tuned lead guitar singing a bloodied fight solo.

The lyrics are about government conspiracies and political issues – hopefully this didn’t cause the band’s “Indefinite hiatus” (per Wikipedia).  They have stated on their facebook.com page that music is in the works… but who knows for how long?

Morale of the story – go buy their albums, show them that they’re a badass band out of Las Vegas.  Dudes, rep yo city!  Because you rep it WELL!


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